Smart & Easy Triangular Column Pathway Light



  • Advance WRGB LED Technology
  • 45 LED Lights
  • Low Voltage AC/DC 12V
  • Wattage 3.2W
  • 170 Lumens per Light
  • 1 FT Coaxial Connector Lead
  • Controlled by both APP & Remote (Included inside the Box)
  • Scheduled Calendar Effects
  • Outdoor Stake Light
  • Bluetooth Connect + 2.4G Broadcast Transmit Technology
  • Die Casting Aluminum; Diffuser: PMMA, Tube: Iron
  • Bug Light - Prevent Insect Attraction
  • 3-Year Seasonal Warranty
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AURIO brand products offer a wide variety of models that can satisfy your outdoor landscapes and outdoor lighting needs.  By utilizing our proprietary technology, AURIO products are designed to offer a broad range of lighting functions that are controllable using a Smart & Easy APP interface that is downloadable to your smart phone.  Ongoing APP development will offer newly enhanced functions and effects and can be activated using single click update to the latest APP version.

The SMART Technology (Using the Aurio APP):

  • Multifunctional
  • Bug Light feature
  • Mobile Control
  • Calendar Programmable
  • Update New Functions

The EASY Technology (Using Remote):

  • Convenient/Fast
  • User Friendly 
  • Traditional
  • For all Ages