Top 10 Mistakes When It Comes To Christmas Lights

Christmas is here! You are most likely planning to make this festive season the greatest that you have ever had. This involves creating the most remarkable exhibition of Christmas lights that you have ever attempted. Kudos for your great ambition! You will be making a memorable festive season for your family, friends, and even your neighborhood. However, to make your great ambition a reality and not a disappointing mess it is vital that you get your execution right. Though decorating your Christmas tree and your home with LED lights for Christmas might seem like a straightforward endeavor, a lot can go wrong. Here are the top 10 mistakes when it comes to Christmas decorative lights that you should avoid.


1) Not identifying the places you want to light up.


Installing holiday decoration lights is an art. Firstly, you have to identify the places that you want to decorate. This is because some areas in your home will provide a better aesthetic than others when you light them up. Moreover, identifying where you want to place the light will make picking the right lights for each location easier. It's essential that you consider installing lights in areas that will combine better with lights in other places in your home to provide the best outcome. This will also work to create an elegant mood and atmosphere for the lit-up areas of your home.


2) Not knowing the lighting outcome you want.


There are numerous Christmas lighting options available in the market. Before purchasing some, you should think about the lighting outcome that you want to achieve. Christmas lighting can include anything from colored lights, warm lights, white lights to flashing lights .You can check online catalogs to find out the lighting effect options that are available for you. This will allow you to develop a rough idea of the Christmas lights that will aid you in achieving the desired effect. All of these should work together to create a preferred mood and atmosphere for the place you plan to light up.


3) Failure to have a light installation budget.


Now that you know the lights you want, it's time for you to develop an installation budget for your lights installation. This budget should encompass the cost of purchasing the specific lights you desire and the actual installation. Depending on the light setup you plan to put in place, you might have to enlist some professional help. You might also have to purchase additional electrical cables to bring your Christmas lighting ambitions to life. It's crucial that you also consider the electricity costs of running the lights. You don't want to be caught up in a situation where you are met with high electrical bills beyond what you can service come January.


4) Not handling the electrical connections properly.


For your decorative LED lights to work, they will need a substantial electrical connection depending on how big you have decided to go with the Christmas decoration. Whether you have a vast installation or a small installation, it's vital that you handle your electrical connection properly. Failure to do this can mean that the electrical connections can pose a significant danger to the members of your household and you also risk shorting the decorative lights. Handling your electrical connection properly will involve making sure that there are no plugs left on the ground. Moreover, check to ensure that there are no bare electrical cables anywhere.


5) Failure to keep the original packaging.


Many people have the habit of throwing away the packaging as soon as they unbox the product that they have purchased. This habit usually causes lots of problems later, and the same applies to decorative lights. Firstly, most decorative lights come with a guarantee of some sort. This means that if you notice any defect with the product when using it, you can ask for a replacement from the seller. Additionally, throwing away the packaging would mean that you would have a more challenging time storing your Christmas lights after the festive season. This also means that if you choose to sell your decorative lights, they will have a low resale value.


6) Not storing the decorative lights correctly.


Once this Christmas festive season is over, it will be quite sometime before the next one comes around. Therefore, you should think about storing your decorative lights correctly to be reused next Christmas season. Proper storage for your decorative lights involves placing them in their original package and putting them in a cool and dry place. If you fail to do this, some of the components of the decorative lights will likely begin to rust, or the cables might be nibbled by pests like rats, leading to significant losses.


7) Failure to bench test.


It's essential that you bench test your decorative lights before you go on and install them. This is a vital step whether you have new lights or are planning to install the ones from the previous season. Bench testing will allow you to identify any issues with your lights before you do a complete installation. Not doing a bench test can result in you engaging in a time-consuming uninstallation when you notice that some of the decorative lights are not working after a complete installation.


8) Not shaping your rope lights correctly.


The primary purpose of purchasing decorative lights is so you can make your home into a beautiful display. Suppose rope lights will be a part of your decorations. It’s paramount that you shape them correctly. If you are decorating a Christmas tree, make sure that you get the decorations right. This would result in the decorative LED lights projecting the desired appeal. However, your Christmas lighting decoration will look ridiculous if you don't shape your rope lights correctly. You can learn the art of Christmas lighting decorations by checking out the many tutorials available online.


9) Failure to execute the installation in stages.


The installation process for Christmas decorative lighting can be pretty demanding. This means that there are a lot of things that can go wrong with any installation. Therefore, you should execute the installation of your Christmas lights in stages. This will provide you a buffer so you can check and make sure every part of the installation is going as planned.. Additionally, you can take a break from the installation and pick up right where you left things without a problem. The failure to execute the installation in stages opens lots of doors for many things to go wrong.


10) Lack of communication.


Communication when setting up and after setting your Christmas lights is usually underrated. You should communicate with your family members or any other person you live with throughout the installation process. This would ensure that they don't interfere with the wiring of the lights. Additionally, this will help to keep yourself safe from the risk of electric shock. You should also enlighten them on how to switch the decorative lights on and off safely, as they might have to do that from time to time if you are away.


Let there be light.


Consider purchasing your Christmas lights during the off-season to get the best deal. Retailers tend to offer great discounts on decorative lights during the off-season due to the decreased demand. Installing LED decorative lighting in your home should always be a fun activity. You should involve your family members and anyone you live with to set them up. This will also be an excellent time for you to bond with your loved ones.


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