LED Technology Makes Your Lights Work Better and Safer.

Benefits of LED Lights

Rigorous Safety Standards

Anything that uses electricity must be made for the safest possible operation, and LED Christmas lights are built to the strictest UL standards. These regulations require thicker wires, more insulation, and greater flexibility than any type of older lights. They're based on professional research spread across thousands of hours of intense testing and use. Lights that meet these tough demands are the safest on the market. This will ensure that normal use and storage won't create an electrical hazard on your home or Christmas tree, giving you worry-free beauty throughout the season.

Cool Operation

Another important safety factor is operating temperature. With live greenery, fabric, and other flammable materials close by, incandescent lights present a fire hazard because they cannot generate light without generating heat at the same time. Kids are always fascinated with the lights as well, and little ones are likely to grab and handle them. Long-term use of incandescent lights can even leave unsightly dark stains on walls and furniture. With their cool-to-the-touch operating temperature, LED products will never ignite nearby materials. You'll be able to use your new LED lights in ways that were just not possible before.


Low Power Consumption

With cookies to bake and cold winter temperatures, there seems to be no relief for your power bill in December. Old Christmas lights just pile extra dollars onto the balance at the exact same time that you're shopping and traveling. With energy consumption at about one-eighth of what incandescent bulbs use, LED lights are a power-saving way to decorate your home. With such low power requirements, you can afford to add more and more lights to your holiday displays!


Increased Brightness

LED lights will make your home merry and (extra) bright! They operate at a much higher level than incandescent bulbs, providing extra beauty for passing motorists and maybe that certain sleigh on Christmas Eve. LED technology uses less power but makes more light, giving you the best of both worlds. With this much power, LED decorative lights can be used for more than just looks. They can help provide extra illumination on steps, porches, and sidewalks, making your home more beautiful and safer.

Longer Life

Every year, we all find a few strings of old lights that only partly work or don't come on at all. That means more money spent to replace the failed sets, making your decorations more expensive every year. LED lights will provide you many hours of beauty and enjoyment. Unlike incandescent bulbs, which use a fragile element made of thin wire, LED Christmas lights are built for thousands of hours of bright beauty. You'll never have to worry about forgetting to unplug the lights again. Even around-the-clock operation is possible with LED lights.

Seasonal Versatility

After a Christmas season spent enjoying the lights, it's always a letdown to put them away. With LED lights, that's not necessary. With the right color choices, you can leave your lights up for other times of the year as well, or you can simply keep a set in traditional Christmas colors and switch out to blue for January, red for Valentine's Day, and so forth. With their very low energy consumption, safe use, and cool operating temperature, they check all the boxes for a perfect year-round decoration.

Unique & Beautiful Uses

Traditional lights are available in a fairly limited number of configurations, leaving you to string, twist, tie, and otherwise put them in place for other setups. LED lights come in a variety of products that give you the freedom to set up free-standing decorations or incorporate them as everything from sidewalk lights to hanging lanterns. This makes it easy to put your own unique stamp on your home for Christmas, other holidays, or just for every day.

Safe, Glass-Free Construction

In all the hustle and bustle of putting decorations up and taking them back down, it's easy to drop a set of lights once in a while. You might even step on one here and there. In addition, there is always a chance of a few bulbs getting crushed in storage. The result is an electrical hazard plus a potential injury to someone's hands or feet. All incandescent bulbs are made of glass, but LED lights are made of durable plastic that will never pose the kind of danger that you've seen with glass.

So Much More Than Flashing

Incandescent lights basically have three settings: on, off, and flashing. They just don't have the features available to make the most of your home's décor. LED lights come with a variety of programming options that determine the speed, pattern, and intensity of your flash pattern. It's so easy to adjust the lights to provide the exact mood for every situation with just the flip of a switch or the turn of a dial.

Compact Bulbs

Not only will you get more light with less energy and lower temperatures with LED lights, but you will also get bulbs that are compact and easy to handle. Instead of a long, pointed incandescent bulb, LED lights have smaller bulbs with the option to go even smaller with a micro bulb. This makes it much easier to fit them into other decorations or features in your home so that everything is fuss-free and beautiful.

LED lighting represents the first big change to holiday lighting in decades, and when you make the change to LED, you'll carry those lights beyond the traditional holiday season and into your home for the entire year.

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